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Denplan Care

Affordable Dental Health Care by Denplan.

What is Denplan Care?

SSDental are proud to be able offer our patients the Denplan Care dental healthcare payment plans. Denplan are the UK’s largest dental healthcare payment plan provider. Denplan provides you access to affordable monthly payment solutions for their oral health based on a realistic assessment of your oral health care needs.

SSDental offer our valued patients the Denplan Care treatment plan, the most comprehensive dental care plan provided by Denplan. It offers monthly payment plans tailored to your dental health needs and to your budget, aimed at preventing problems from occurring, instant access to common treatments such as fillings, and coverage of many major procedures such as crowns, combined with an emergency accidental and worldwide dental insurance.

Dentist in OrsettDentist in Orsett
  • PDental check-ups
  • PDental hygiene visits
  • PDental x-rays
  • PNecessary fillings
  • PNecessary extractions
  • PPeriodontal treatment
  • PPreventive dental advice
  • PTherapy Crowns
  • PDentures and bridgework
  • PRoot canal treatment

What does Denplan Care cover?

The Denplan Care monthly payment plan provides you with the reliability, dependability and affordability that makes maintaining your dental health simple and tailored to suit both your your teeth and your pocket.

What more could you ask from your Dentist?

You can also include other treatments into a plan tailored to your individual dental needs. For a comprehensive list of what is and isn’t included in the Denplan Care Plan please contact us or see here.

Excel Accreditation

SSDental is a Denplan Excel accredited dentist, a qualification that is recognised by the British Dental Health Foundation and ensures we accept and receive comprehensive clinical governance and compliance. We are regularly checked and endorsed by Denplan.

Excel accreditation also gives us as the dental practice and you as the patient access to a unique, easy to use online dental health assessment, tracking, management and prediction system. which also calculates the best payment plan for you.

It gives you a personalised individual picture of your oral health and also allows both you and the dentist to structure a treatment plan for you in terms of dental procedure and monthly payments effectively and efficiently.

Dentist in Orsett