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Fillings / Restorations

Silver and gold fillings used to be the only choices for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. Although strong and durable, not all patients were happy with the aesthetics of these restorations, wanting a more natural look. At Sunnyside we offer the widest possible choice of dental fillings in Thurrock, with a choice of porcelain or composite resin (a plastic tooth-like material) that matches the colour of your natural teeth.

As both porcelain and composite resins bond securely to your tooth the restorations are extremely strong and durable. Because they are bonded we can be more conservative when we prepare your tooth for the filling. That means you retain more of your natural healthy tooth. However gold is still an excellent restorative material and can be a better choice in patients where tooth isolation can be difficult.

The Clear Aligner system used at Sunnyside consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually move your teeth, allowing us to straighten your teeth with invisible braces! Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks at a time, and treatment takes typically one year or less. It’s the perfect way to perfect your smile without the need for traditional braces!